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The oldest medal maker in Auckland

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If you are looking for an experienced, reliable, and quality medal maker in Auckland, we are here to help you. Badge Makers have been serving kiwis for over 100+ years now. When it comes to experience, we are hard to beat.

The Most Trusted Medal Maker in NZ

The Most Trusted Medal Maker in NZ

So, what makes us the most trusted medal maker in NZ? At Badge Makers, we can make your medals, coins, or medallions in a wide variety of sizes and finishes as per your requirements. Use our medals in Auckland to award your team with a thoughtful token of appreciation and give them a morale boost. You can also use our medals for personal use and award them to your friends and family for family game night events or friendly competitions. The uses of our medals are as varied as your requirements.

As the oldest and most trusted medal maker in NZ, here is our promise to you: we will never compromise on the quality and finish of your product.

We offer you standard gold, silver, and bronze medals. You can also have your medals in Auckland custom made in tiers beyond the gold, silver, and bronze category. We offer you custom medals in black nickel, chrome, bronze, and many more colours. Choose from our wide variety of colours as per your wish and needs.

The NZ medals we offer come in various sizes that you can choose from in accordance with your needs. The size we offer range from 25mm to 90mm, but we can produce the medals in almost any size.

We also offer you customisable ribbons to go along with your NZ medals. Choose from a variety of colours and designs for your ribbons and make your medals stand out by having them fully represent your company’s or event’s design and logo. You can also choose designs found on standard logos or the ones used for famous sports teams. At Badge Makers, we can make you the medal that you truly desire.

The oldest medal maker in Auckland

How We Work

As the oldest medal maker in Auckland, we understand that some things are best left to the customers.

With Badge Makers, you can choose any manner of design for your medal that suits your need. You can also avail the services of our in-house experts who can provide you with support and guidance to help you finalise the design of your dreams. With an unlimited choice of colours and designs, getting the perfect design of your medal is easy.

Once your design is finalised, we can make your medal in the material of your liking. Choose from gold, silver, bronze, black nickel, chrome, and the size for your medals. You can also choose the ribbon you want your medal to hang on from.

Our medals come with a polished finish that gives them a high-quality look that is sure to impress your employees, friends, or family. All our medals are finished to the highest quality. As all our manufacturing is done in our purpose-built facility, we can offer industry-leading turnaround times for production and delivery.

If you are looking for a reliable medal maker in Auckland, please feel free to give us a call at 09 378 7653. You can also browse through our website and place a custom order. We’ll get back to you soon.