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If you are looking for high-quality, customisable keychain in NZ, Badge Makers is Auckland’s oldest keyring maker. Whether you’re searching for a plastic keychain maker near you or one who specialises in engravings, we offer all kinds of custom keychains.

Keychain in NZ

Keychains are no longer just means of collecting your keys in one place. They are your smartest way of gifting souvenirs that can also work as a way of promoting your brand or business.

At Badge Makers, you can customise your plain keyring in different ways to turn them into important mementoes. From customisations like getting significant names engravings to getting a photograph of a special memory encased, there are many ways to get your keyrings customised.

Badge Makers offers you keychain in NZ in a variety of shapes and sizes. From company logos to special artworks to personal photographs, keyrings can be customised in a variety of ways depending on your needs.

We are Auckland’s most trusted engravings and plastic keychain maker. If you are looking to buy from a keyring maker online, please feel free to browse through all the samples we have on our website.

Reliable Keychain Maker New Zealand

If you are looking for a reliable keychain maker in NZ, we have you covered. Badge Makers offers you fully customisable keyrings that are designed by expert craftsmen, are high in quality, and come in various shapes, sizes, and designs in accordance with your needs. Be it simple text logos or a special artwork design we create custom keyrings just the way you like them.

We’ve been a prominent keychain maker in NZ for the past 100 years and offer our customers full control over the keychain NZ process. You can get your custom keyrings either engraved or printed. Depending on the design you have, Badge Makers offers you many choices that you can choose from to meticulously turn the design of your choice into a smart and beautiful keychain.

All keychains we offer are guaranteed to have a high-quality finish that will last you a very long time. Depending on the kind of keyring that you want, be it printed one or an engraved one, Badge Makers offers you a variety of options to choose from to suit your needs.

Reliable Keychain Maker NZ

How We Work

You can choose any manner of design for your keyring that suits the needs of your company or business. You can also avail the services of our in-house experts who can provide you with support and guidance to help you design the perfect custom keyrings.

You can get an engraved leather keyring, or you can choose for a plastic material for your keyring.

All of our produced keyrings come with a high-quality finish that gives them long term endurance and durability. All our products are finished to the highest quality. As all our manufacturing is done in our purpose-built facility, we can offer industry-leading turnaround times for production and delivery.

If you are looking for a reliable keychain maker near you, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We’ve been NZ’s most trusted keyring maker for over a century now. If you’re looking for a keyring maker online, you can always browse through our wide range of samples present on the site and place your order online.