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Buy Button Badges Online

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With our simple user interface and a variety of choices, you can now buy button badges online. These badges go a long way when it comes to spreading your brand’s visibility and reach. Our fully customisable badges can be used for various occasions and reasons, including:

Buy Button Badges Online
  • showing your support for a cause or charity
  • boosting your company or brand message
  • gifting to clients in brand promotion activities.

From being used for business purposes or being used for personal reasons, Badge Makers offers you a variety of ways you can customise your very own button badge online.

You can use our plastic button badges to promote any event at your company or show support for any cause that you are involved in. Students can get our fully customisable badges for school events.

At Badge Makers, we use a high-quality badge making machine and supplies to give you the best end product possible.

Button Badge Design

Our scratch-resistant button badge design comes in various sizes as per your requirements. You can start customising your badges from small sizes to bigger ones without worrying about having to compromise on the quality of the products. The high-quality finish of our products gives your button badge a long-lasting life that will not be diminished regardless of how long you use them.

Our custom made button badges in Auckland can be used for both professional events as well as for personal use. As they represent the fun side of promoting an event, we offer you a button badge making service that you can use to bring all your colourful ideas to life.

How We Work

Button Badge Design

You can browse for ideas online or on social media that suit the needs of your company or event. You can also avail the services of our in-house experts who can provide you with support and guidance to help you finalise the design of your dreams. With an unlimited choice of text and background colour to choose from, getting the button badge of your dream is easy.

Once your design is finalised, you can choose what kind of size you want for your button badges to be. You can choose from circle, square, or rectangle-shaped button badges. It all depends on the design and your need.

Our produced badges come with a domed finish. Using a domed finish makes our badges stand out and give them a high-quality look that is sure to impress your customers.

Unlike other cheap button badge makers, we use a high-quality badge making supplies and machine to ensure the end result is of extreme high quality. We have been making and selling badges in Auckland for over 100 years now and are trusted by thousands of satisfied customers.

If you are looking for a reliable badge maker who does not compromise on quality, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 09 378 7653. You can also buy button badges online simply by browsing through our site.