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High Quality Engravings in New Zealand

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We are your one-stop solution for high-quality engraving in New Zealand. A flawless engraving is a work of art, and in the hands of our expert craftsmen, this art truly shines. Badge Makers offer the highest quality engravings in New Zealand. Get your trophies, medals, and plaques engraved today.

Engraving New Zealand

Trophy Engraving in Auckland

We offer high-quality trophy engraving in Auckland. All our engraving is completed in-house, using the latest laser technology to provide you with fast and reliable service. You can get your trophies engraved through rotary drags or lasers.

Our Process
At Badge Makers, we leave the big decisions to our customers. We work with your choice of metal or non-metallic material — gold, silver, wood, glass — and use high-powered tools to cut deep lines into it. These grooves are either filled with ink in case of metal, or lasered and lacquered for text, or neatly refined in cases of wood, glass, and other materials. This allows us to provide you with the highest quality engraving in NZ.

Types of Engravings We Do:


Laser engraving or etching is a subtractive manufacturing method. We use a laser beam* to create etchings or images on a material. Each pulse of the laser helps control the depth, precision and shape of the etching. We use laser engraving in New Zealand for acrylic, wood, and glass because it is highly effective and diminishes the probability of damage or deformation to the material.
*Any engraving supplies used during the laser process meet the NZ industry standards and are only operated by experts.
Laser Engraving on Acrylic: Laser engraving on acrylic is a demanding process that requires high precision and technique. We employ specific tools to ensure the uniformity and clarity of details is maintained.
Laser Engraving on Wood: The versatility of lasering is at full display in wood engraving. We use wood lasering to create intricate images and patterns on all types of woods. You can get your text, photos and other inlays engraved into the finest of woods and our craftsmen will polish and balance the finished product.

Trophy Engraving Auckland

Laser Engraving on Glass: With glass lasering, there truly are not many limitations. Any artwork you can create, we can laser onto glass with masterful precision. We use glass lasering to put text, photographs, complex and minute artworks onto your glass.

Fibre Laser Printing

Fibre laser printing allows for high-precision and depth of cavities. We use fibre-lasers to tackle complex shapes and a variety of surfaces: cutlery, plaques, pens, knives and tags. Fibre laser printing is great for metals because of its precision and unmatched quality.

If you are looking for reliable, high-quality, and cost-efficient engraving near you, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We use the best engraving supplies and tools to provide you with unmatched engraving in NZ. You can also use our website to place your order.

In case you have any questions and want clarification before you move forward with your order, please call us at 09 378 7653. We are happy to assist you with whatever query you have.