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Custom Medals

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Custom medals are your shiny way of legitimising an achievement. Are you looking for a way to reward a worker, friend, or family member for achieving a task? We offer you a good variety of custom made medals in NZ that you can order as per your needs.

Custom Medals

You can use them to increase the brand recognition of your company, or you can use them as specially made gifts for your loved ones. These custom medals are perfect for rewarding outstanding performances, participants and winners at events, competitions, and tournaments.

Regardless whether you are crowning your captain of the year, presenting a prize at your company’s end of year party, or rewarding students for academic excellence, with our custom medals you can honour them all.

Custom Made Medals in New Zealand

Custom medals made in NZ can be awarded at all kinds of events. From small-scale intra-company events to friendly family game night tournaments. These medals are multi-purpose and can be used on various occasions.

The medals we offer come in various sizes that you can choose from in accordance with your needs. The size we offer ranges from 25mm to 90mm, but we can produce the medals in almost any size. Have any particular design in mind for your medal? Our in-house artisans can turn the design of your liking into a medal that can be kept for years to come.

Custom Made Medals in New Zealand

You need not worry about limiting your custom made medals to only the typically known colours. Surprise your friends and co-workers by getting them medals that go beyond the gold, silver, and bronze tiers. We offer you custom award medals in black nickel, chrome, bronze, and many more colours. Choose from our wide variety of colours as per your own wishes and needs.

Commemorate the victory of your team or your friends by ordering specially designed custom medals from us. There is no need to limit your imagination. The service that we offer makes sure that you don’t have to compromise on your idea. You can get specially designed custom medals in NZ based on your requirements.

We also offer you the choice to customise the accompanying ribbon of your medal. Get a ribbon with logos and artwork printed on them as per your needs. Our easily customisable ribbons will make sure that your custom award medals and custom sports medals can stand out in the crowd.

Running out of time to award your team with medals? Worry not. We keep a stock of blank medals that you can choose from and customise as per your need. These come in generic or specific sports-related designs. You can select from them and get a quick, personalised engraving on them. You can also get inserts printed on them. The ribbons on the medals can be customised to the colour of your choice. Your last-minute custom sports medals are ready to go for whatever event you desire!

We also offer you a diverse range of display boxes that you can use to store or display your special medals or coins in.

Please feel free to give us a call if you want more details before placing an order.