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Enamel Badges

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Want to give your employees or your friends a hard enamel badge that they can wear day in and day out? Badge Makers offer you a wide variety of custom enamel badges that you can get to fulfil your needs.

Enamel Badges

Hard enamel badges have long term durability that can go on for years without being damaged. The polished look of these badges gives a high-quality finish that quickly grabs the attention of lookers.

They are well-known for their flat design. Instead of the colours of the badge sitting below the metal life, they fill up the colours up to the metal line and then pressed down to give the badge a flat look. These badges can be stamped in copper, which is the most common material, or aluminium, which is a lighter metal and is ideal for larger badges.

Despite the name, hard enamel badges have a smooth feeling to them. The process of making these badges gives them long term durability. This type of high-quality badge is the ideal choice if you are looking for corporate badges or award badges for your organisation. You can also give these badges to your friends or employees as gifts or tokens of appreciation.

Enamel School Badges in NZ

Badge Makers offer you the choice of getting fully custom enamel school badges in NZ. Simply choose a design for your badge, be it a logo design or an artwork you wish to turn into a badge and leave the rest of the work to us. Our in-house team of award-winning badge makers will turn your design into beautiful and durable badges that can be used both for personal wear as well as gifts.

The size of the custom enamel badge starts from 10mm. We have all of the Pantone matching colours, so you can customise your badge however you like, and it is perfect for brands and logos.

Here at Badge Makers, we use the process of hard enamel badge making because it has better colour reproduction, so the designs that you create can be better transformed into the shape of a badge. The low cost of production makes our hard enamel badges an ideal choice for all your needs.

Enamel School Badges in NZ

How We Work

If you are unsure about the design of your badge, our award-winning in-house design team can help you create the perfect design that represents the idea in your head.

You can fully customise the shape and size of your hard enamel badge according to your chosen design. Continuing with the centuries-old tradition of making traditional hard enamel badges, our artisans at Badge Makers will make your design into a high quality finished product.
The hard enamel badges made by us are cloisonné metal worked enamel badges that are fired and hand polished at the finishing, giving them a beautiful look and finish.

You can contact us anytime with your questions and queries about our process of making custom enamel badges. Our bespoke hard enamel badges are truly one of a kind and are designed as per every individual customer’s needs and designs. The fast production process will assure that you will not have to wait a long time to get your hands on the badge of your wishes.